Land & Trees Unlimited (LTU) is a non-profit organization that concentrates on the conservation (wise use) and management of America’s land and trees, while also serving as an educational resource. The ultimate purpose of LTU is to improve and increase natural habitats throughout the United States. This is carried out by promoting the management and wise use of all types of land, whether in rural or urban environments. LTU works toward this goal using a three-part strategy:

To Promote

– The Value of Getting Out Doors
– The Value of Natural Ecosystems
– The Importance of Managing these Valuable Resources

To Increase

– Natural ecosystems, especially in our Urban Environments
– Awareness
– Air and Water Quality
– Tree planting

To Enhance

– By Maintaining and Managing these Valuable Resources

While most of LTU’s initiatives take place in central southeast Alabama and Georgia, tree plantings, along with the promotion of LTU’s purpose and vision, are conducted nationwide.[/paragraph]

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Conservation through Estate Planning


Estate Planning

Land & Trees Unlimited helps promote the wise use of our natural lands in a number of ways. However, our primary means of conservation (wise use) is through our family land estate planning initiative.

If a landowner passes away without explicitly stating what he or she wants done with their land, it will often be sold to a third-party instead of staying with the family. Later, the land is often subdivided and sold as a number of smaller properties.

This common practice not only prohibits the passing down of land from one generation to the next, but it is also extremely destructive to the natural lands involved. The division of land in this manner (known as “fragmentation”) is among one of the main reasons for habitat depletion throughout the United States.


Land & Trees Can Help

LTU not only works with landowners to help explain the benefits of conservation and preservation; we also sort through all of the legal work to help better protect the land for generations to come.

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Production through Tree Planting

LTU encourages tree planting initiatives throughout local communities. If you want to make a relatively easy contribution to our environment, then tree planting is a good opportunity. It is great for neighbors wanting to enhance their neighborhood; for teachers wanting to teach children how to nurture living plants, replenish our nation’s supply of trees, and experience the fulfillment of learning in the great outdoors; or for groups of volunteers who simply want to give back.

Ten Tips for Organizing a Tree Planting Event

  1. Contact LTU for a successful event or…
  2. Select a planting location and obtain all permits or permissions from your local government.
  3. Determine the best type of tree to plant based on the soil, climate, etc.
  4. Create a plan for on-going maintenance and care.
  5. Raise funds or find companies and individuals willing to donate trees and/or supplies.
  6. Publicize the event.
  7. Prepare the site. Be sure to obtain clearance from water and utility companies before digging.
  8. Purchase equipment and supplies.
  9. Provide participants with proper tree planting instructions.
  10. Recognize and thank volunteers and participants. Don’t forget to take before and after pictures.





Educational Programs to Promote Wise Use of the Outdoors


Land & Trees Unlimited works to educate both the young and young-at-heart on the benefits of exploring America’s natural lands and forests. LTU is also a great resource for learning about the many fun and exciting activities that can only be experienced outdoors.

These activities include:

  • Hiking
  • Hunting
  • Fishing
  • Camping
  • Canoeing

In addition to being fun, these activities promote active lifestyles and give people a greater appreciation for our natural resources.

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