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Land & Trees Unlimited (LTU) is a non-profit organization that concentrates on the conservation (wise use) and management of America’s land and trees, while also serving as an educational resource. The ultimate mission of LTU is to improve and increase natural habitats throughout the United States. This is carried out by promoting the management of all types of land, whether in rural or urban environments. LTU works toward this mission using a three-part strategy:

To Promote …

  • The value of getting outdoors.
  • The value of sustainable ecosystems.
  • The preservation of land in both rural and urban environments.

To Increase …

  • Tree plantings!
  • Air and water quality.
  • Natural ecosystems, especially in our local urban environments.

To Enhance …

  • Outdoor spaces.
  • Community engagement with the local environment..
  • The management of our valuable natural resources.

We aim to partner with other incredible organization to help make our mission successful. If you are interested in partnering with us, please contact us.

Keep exploring our website to learn more about past and future projects and how our initiatives enrich the lands we protect and the people we serve!


Invest in preserving our nation’s natural resources.


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