Tree Plantings

LTU encourages tree planting initiatives throughout local communities. A tree planting is a relatively easy contribution to our environment (check out our top ten tips for organizing a tree planting event below!). Plantings are a great way for neighbors wanting to enhance their neighborhood; for teachers wanting to teach children how to nurture living plants, replenish our nation’s supply of trees, and experience the fulfillment of learning in the great outdoors; or for groups of volunteers who simply want to give back to the environment!

Educational Events

Land & Trees Unlimited works to educate both the young and the young-at-heart! Our organization is a great resource for learning about the many fun and exciting activities that can only be experienced in nature! In addition to being fun, these activities promote active lifestyles and give people a greater appreciation for our natural resources. 

Some of the projects we have been a part of …

  • 2018 & 2019 Trees Columbus Wild and Scenic Arts Festival Poster Contest Sponsor
  • 2019 Trees Columbus Canopy Restoration Project Video Sponsor
  • Boy Scouts of America (Alabama) Tree Risk Assessment @ Camp Sequoyah
  • Tree Risk Assessment Volunteer Fire Department – Still Waters Alabama
  • 2019 Touch Down for Trees Sponsor [tree plantings at various Alabama schools]
  • Arbor Day Events in Alabama and Georgia
  • Delineation of native species along the Chattahoochee River – Georgia Power
  • 2021 Hoops for Trees Sponsor [tree plantings at various Alabama schools]
Hoops for Trees

2021 Hoops for Trees Sponsor
tree plantings at various Alabama schools.


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